The Beginner’s Guide To Online Craps Strategy

When it comes to Craps you would normally think high rollers and big money, but this guide won’t be touching on strategies that will get you those kinds of returns. Instead, we concentrate on how to make enough money to eventually get you into that level of gambling. Our strategy aims to allow you to minimize your losses and give you consistent small returns to build your capital.

Included in this article are simple ways to assure that your winnings are protected and the worst day you’ll have in your online casino career is a reduced capital, instead of going broke as most beginners do.

Keeping Your Money From Evaporating

When it comes to gambling, especially for beginners, many have accepted the thought that they would either win big or lose everything. Thinking of their loss as some sort of “tuition” for their first gambling lesson, or their winning as proof of how good they are at this.

Do not think to go into gambling with that mindset, that is just setting you up to go broke with a loser mind-set.

Putting In Only What You Can Lose

While I say “what you can lose” our goal is NOT to lose your money. This only means that even if you lose that amount of money, it will not put a dent in your lifestyle nor put you in any kind of debt. The money you put in gambling should be complete excess.

Budgeting Money And Time

When you gamble, you give yourself a budget of how much you can lose per hour. This means for every hour you can only lose this much money if you lose more than that you should stand up and cool off. You are probably not in the right mind, mood, or skill level to play. Go back to free online casinos if this is the case.

Every Round Pocket 10% Of The Winnings

Ideally, it would be 20%, but I am guessing we don’t exactly have that much money to play with since you are a complete beginner. This amount of money will not be used for the day, it is a way to secure that you will not go broke in day 1.

Have An Achievable Goal

Turning 5 dollars into a thousand isn’t impossible, but it’s improbable. We are building your capital up to become a high roller, so settle with a more achievable goal. (Example: “When I reach $50, I’ll be done for the day!”)

The Simple Craps Strategy

Craps has one of the highest House Advantage bets in casino games, but it also has a pretty reasonable bet that gives a decent return for beginners.


  • Place $5 on the pass line Roll the dice
  • Once point is established, place your odds behind the line ($5)
  • Let’s say on the first, or “come out” roll, you established a point of nine (9), what this means is that you will need to roll a nine again before the appearance of a seven, to win. 

Relax, you are still a beginner, this is the only bet you need to make in craps when playing online until get used to the game and make enough money.