Progressive Baccarat Rules to Help You Winning Chances

If you’re interested in online baccarat, you’ll find that there are certain ways to play the game that will not only make it more fun but more rewarding as well. Progressive baccarat allows you to enjoy higher jackpot prizes, which can be a great opportunity for those that are playing online for the potential winnings they will earn.

Just like roulette, baccarat is a game of luck. Still, this hasn’t stopped people from actually playing the game and discovering how exciting it is. If progressive baccarat is what you’re interested in, here are some things you need to know.

Betting Information

Perhaps the easiest things to remember about baccarat are the bets that you will have to make when playing the game. There are three bets you can choose from. You can bet that the player will win, the banker will win, or that the two are going to end up in a tie.

Card Counting and Dealing

When the game starts, players will be dealt 2 cards.

The banker is also going to get the same number of cards. In this game, all face cards and tens are given a value of 0. Meanwhile, the ace is counted as 1. The rest of the other cards will be given their specific face value.

If the sum of your two cards will end up a two-digit number, you’ll need to get the first digit dropped and the remaining number will be your point. For instance, if you got a 5 and a 9, that totals to 14. When you drop the first digit, you will be left with 4 and that is your score. Remember that baccarat is a game where you have to score the closest to 9 so if you have a card that’s higher than the banker’s, you win.

If the initial cards handed to you were either a 9 or an 8, the hand you have will be considered a natural. You will then win. For those instances where the total points are not natural for both the banker and the player, they will both draw another card and find out which hand scores closest to 9.

Baccarat Payouts

If you do end up winning when playing the game, your payout will be even money. But if you have made a wager that the result is going to be a tie, you can expect to get more. Most casinos offer a payoff of 8:1 for tie bets. This allows you to not only get your bet back but at actually 8 times the actual amount. Unfortunately, ties are very seldom to occur during the game so a lot of seasoned players would rather choose to steer clear from this particular bet.

Getting to Know the Numbers

Note that the possibility of you winning a classic baccarat game will not be the same as a progressive one. For instance, you get a 44.62% winning chance if you bet on the house. Bets on the player losing have a 45.85% odds. Meanwhile, tie bets generally have a 0.53% odds.

With this in mind, a lot of newbie players might just steer towards a bet on the house because it offers the highest chance of winning. While this is indeed true, casinos actually impose a 5% commission charge for house bets. This is more rampant in traditional land based casinos but a number of online casinos today practice this as well.

This is why before you start playing, check first if the house does charge this particular commission so you can decide whether it would be worth it to bet on the house or not.